JUNE 10–15, 2019

Photos courtesy of Nicholas Winter Photography




  • Zahorian & Van EspenWorks by Viktorie Langer and Jaroslav Kysa (presented by Zahorian & Van Espen, Bratislava/Prague)4.45 M
  • Cohju ContemporaryMio Yamato, exhibiting artist with Cohju Contemporary Art (Kyoto), performs a live painting action during the opening preview. Yamato collaborated with Aesop in a site-specific intervention at the skincare brand’s Spalenberg Basel boutique.5.04 M
  • Pablo’s BirthdayArne Zimmermann (Owner, Pablo’s Birthday, New York) in conversation with a VOLTA VIP, surrounded by works by Peter Mohall, Alice Quaresma, and Thorsten Brinkmann5.61 M
  • Galerie ALBAnouk Le Bourdiec (left, owner, Galerie ALB, Paris) engages with a collector as gallery associate Rosalie Pernot looks on. Works on view include Mon Colonel & Spit, Damien Moulierac, Jérome Romain, and Andoni Maillard5.80 M
  • Beta GaleriaDaniela Rosso (right, owner of Beta Galeria, Bogotá) and a guest engage with awall sculpture by Aldo Chaparro5.21 M
  • Green On Red GalleryJerome O Drisceoll (owner, Green On Red Gallery, Dublin) discusses Xavier Theunis’ new painting with a guest5.12 M
  • Galerie Mark HachemMark Hachem (far left, owner of Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris/Beirut) and director Dorothée Quentel, right, engage with guests, in the presence of sculpture by Philippe Hiquily (left and far right), Michelangelo Bastiani, and Samper4.94 M
  • 1969 GalleryA group photo, featuring artist Cristina BanBan, center, gallerist Quang Bao (near right, owner of 1969 Gallery, New York), collectors Carole Server and Susan and Michael Hort, and gallery colleagues and friends7.28 M
  • Galerie Thomas FuchsAndreas Pucher, center right, co-director of Galerie Thomas Fuchs, Stuttgart, engages guests around paintings by Rainer Fetting and Jochen Hein4.54 M
  • Victor Lope Arte ContemporaneoVictor Lope Arte Contemporaneo (Barcelona), with sculptures by Mario Dilitz and works on paper by Kepa Garraza4.84 M
  • Charlie Smith LondonZavier Ellis (owner, Charlie Smith London) greets collectors. In background, a new painting by Geraldine Swayne, in her Basel debut5.46 M
  • Artual GallerySarya Martin (center, director of Artual Gallery, Beirut) and guests, around works by Stickymonger and Katrin Fridriks4.57 M
  • Maus ContemporaryGuido Maus (Owner, Maus Contemporary, Birmingham, USA) and collector Carole Server in discussion around a painting by Mafalda Figueiredo, while collector Susan Host greets dealer Quang Bao (1969 Gallery, New York). The artist Figueiredo herself stands in the center background.5.51 M
  • Vin GalleryShyevin S’ng (right, owner of Vin Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City) introduces Dario Maglionico and Richard Streitmatter-Tran’s works with guests4.16 M
  • Cerquone ProjectsA visitor documents Fausto Amundarain’s mixed media array Anonimato (cubes), presented by Cerquone Projects (Caracas)5.66 M
  • NL=US ArtPim Palsgraaf presents his collapsed architecture sculpture to a guest, exhibited at NL=US Art (Rotterdam) in concert with Lizan Freijsen’s wall and floor carpets3.98 M


Photo courtesy of VOLTA and the represented galleries



  • The Flat – Massimo Carasi (Milan)Inma FemeníaIn Tension no.412019, UV print on manipulated aluminium and natural rubber, 188 x 200 x 34 cm. Presented by The Flat – Massimo Carasi (Milan)
  • Cerquone Projects (Caracas)Fausto AmundarainAnonimato (cubes)2019, Mixed media on paper, 120 x 120 cm. Presented by Cerquone Projects (Caracas)
  • Set Espai d’Art (Valencia)Arancha GoyenecheMedium Landscape no.72018, Adhesive vinyl, PVC, aluminum, 50 x 50 cm. Presented by Set Espai d’Art (Valencia)
  • Maus Contemporary (Birmingham, USA)Mafalda FigueiredoSuddenly I can’t breathe2018, Oil on canvas, 150 x 180 cm.Presented by Maus Contemporary (Birmingham, USA)
  • Galerie Thomas Fuchs (Stuttgart)Ruprecht von KaufmannRude Awakening2019, Oil on linoleum on wood, 122.5 x 153 cm. Presented by Galerie Thomas Fuchs (Stuttgart)
  • Paul Stolper Gallery (London)Brian EnoOrchal2019, LED lights, Perspex, wood, USB stick, 65 x 65 x 19 cm. Presented by Paul Stolper Gallery (London)
  • Burning In Water (New York)Valerie HegartyFlowers with Roots Elegy2019, Wood, canvas, wire, foil, epoxy clay, foam, acrylic paint, 45 x 31 x 6 in. Presented by Burning In Water (New York)
  • 1969 Gallery (New York)Cristina BanBanNELLY’S2018, Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 150 cm. Presented by 1969 Gallery (New York)
  • RoFa Projects (Potomac, USA)Aldo ChaparroMx blue silver August 16, 20172017, Stainless steel, electrostatic paint, 116 x 130 x 24 cm. Presented by RoFa Projects (Potomac, USA)