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Andres Barrioquinto was born in Manila and spent his teenage years in Hong Kong. He returned to the Philippines in the late 1990s and entered the University of the Philippines for a painting course.  He then studied painting at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) College of Fine Arts and Design. He has held solo exhibitions and several group shows in the Philippines and in Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, and has received various awards and recognitions, such as the MetroBank Foundation’s Aces Award for Continuing Excellence (2009). PeopleAsia Magazine has chosen Barrioquinto as one the people of the year 2019.

Barrioquinto’s expression builds upon the canon of portraiture in the Philippines, wherein romanticized likenesses of Saints, political and ecclesiastical authorities, successful businessmen and -women are immortalized for posterity. Early in his career, Barrioquinto started working with iconoclastically disfigured portraits, sometimes bordering macabre. His recent work has shifted to surreal hyperrealism. His exquisite image overlays, patterning, and image appropriations from various Asian cultures create dynamic juxtapositions which open interpretation and meaning making, and has earned him both critical and commercial attention, both locally and abroad.

Artist's Statement 

“My work is perhaps more sharply individualized than the realist, therefore more dramatically my own, sometimes to the point of eccentricity. My works’ individuality becomes more natural when I'm interested in probing my own soul rather than reflecting the world of ideas, and in expressing my inner world than revealing a basic harmony around us. I paint images so exaggerated or distorted that they take us away from the familiar world into one of emotion and feeling. In their most extreme, these expressions may even become hysterical or nightmarish.  I also try new means of expression, seeking new direction, exploring new mediums and methods of working.”

Enduring Spirit

YOD Gallery will present works by rising Japanese artists, who spare neither time nor effort in realizing their visions. These creators pursue perfection in their chosen medium and technique with a fierce passion, and the exhibition title “Enduring Spirit” is attribute to their determination to dedicate their life to their craft. 

Sculptor Hiroyoshi Asaka carves intricate sculptures with marble, while embroidery artist Stitch Dog painstakingly recreates circuit boards on cloth, stitch by stitch. Hebime meticulously layers acrylics and then carves the surface to reveal psychedelic patterns, and Hidehito Matsubara tears colored paper into miniscule fragments, which he then arranges into three-dimensional collages reminiscent of Zen stone gardens in their precision and serenity. The very creation of these artworks is time-consuming and physically draining, and through their choice of expression these individuals each demonstrate both physical and spiritual endurance.

The diligence of these four artists shows the spirit of true Japanese craftsmanship, and their efforts are part of the “enduring spirit” of Japanese tradition, a relentless pursuit of transcendence through transforming physical materials.  While striving for timelessly beautiful expression, these artists also offer acute reflection of the society that they emerge from, combining appreciation for the past while searching for new expression, and therefore, new ways of approach to life in this century and beyond.

Andres Barrioquinto
Girl on an Island
2019, Oil on canvas, 4 x 3 ft.
Andres Barrioquinto
2019, Oil on canvas, 4 x 4 ft.
Lab Work 190215
2017, Acrylic on wood panel, 30.5 x 22 x 3 cm.
Hidehito Matsubara
Frozen Frost (10)
2018, Acrylic on paper on wood panel, 23.3 x 16 cm.
Hiroyoshi Asaka
Kaukimon – Awakening Dragon Rose
2018, Marble, India ink, quartz, 18 x 40 x 23 cm.
Stitch Dog
Handstitched Analog Synthesizer Moog, Attache Case Form 01
2019, Attache case, felt, thread, canvas, 40 x 35 x 31 cm.