NL=US Art, Rotterdam

Schilderstraat 5, 3011 ER, Rotterdam, The Netherlands



Stains and our attempt to ban moulds, fungi and moisture spots from our everyday environment fascinate Lizan Freijsen. Her work is about transformation and decay, based on photographic images of the phenomenon of water stains and a variety of ‘surface covering’ organisms, like mosses and lichen.

This bio-diversity shows the intriguing complexity of life in traces, which transform into visual wall installations. Unique, hand made carpets and blankets for floors and walls are hand tufted and woven in cotton and wool. By turning stains into textiles, Freijsen focuses on these blind spots and visualizes their beauty. Soft materials, organic structures meet the architecture of the gallery, in order to emphasize the necessity and presence of urban nature in our daily environment.

Pim Palsgraaf takes his inspiration from the friction zones and the fringes of the city. Forgotten places where nobody comes; sometimes concealed, waiting for a new destination. It is in those places where culture and nature meet and clash: the areas where erosion and nature have free reign over the once solid and indestructible structure of man and opposites morph into one another.

This process creates, in its very own way, new landscapes and architectural elements: the fragile balance between these two different worlds becomes exposed in an idiosyncratic manner. The works shown are the final results of research about this process. The standing sculptures with the unorganized wild growing cities are based on mycosis (fungi's) structures. The smaller hanging sculptures are comparable to tumors of urban growth. The Multiscape/Mycose series shows the outgrowths of urban architecture. Sometimes Palsgraaf drapes found objects on taxidermy animals to symbolize the juxtaposition of culture and nature. The city seems to overwhelm the animal and bring it to its knees. Palsgraaf’s collages and drawings reveal the clandestine interior of cities. Deserted rooms, damp corridors and ceilings in danger of collapse, show the fragility of urban decline and the natural environment of mankind slowly sinking into oblivion.

Together with his fascination for forgotten places and friction zones, he feels the same for structures, material, (dis) balance and contrast. The dark themes arising in his work could also be interpreted like the Old Master 17th Century Vanitas Paintings, where death, decay and temporary presence on this planet were the main themes. These dark paintings with heavy subject matter are actually meant the opposite. The Vanitas Paintings are a reminder of our short time here on earth.

Lizan Freijsen
The Dunes Carpet
2017, Hand-tufted wool by Textilemuseum Tilburg, NL, 375 - 450 cm.
Photographer: Josefina Eikenaar
Lizan Freijsen
King’s rug in green
2017, Hand-tufted wool by Textilemuseum Tilburg, NL, 220-220 cm.
Photographer: Lizan Freijsen
Lizan Freijsen
Pool Installation I & II
OBJECT ROTTERDAM at SS Rotterdam 2016
Photographer: Theo van Pinxteren
Lizan Freijsen
Orange Mosses in corner
2015, Hand-tufted carpets in wool by Textilemuseum Tilburg, NL, installation view.
Photographer: Lizan Freijsen
Lizan Freijsen
The Living Surface
Installation of 8 Carpets and 3 wallpaper stains in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 2017.
Photographer: Lotte van Stekelenburg
Lizan Freijsen
Veldwerk / Fungi Carpet
2018, installation for exhibition ‘Zomersneeuw’ in botanical garden Belmonte, Wageningen until 23 September.
Pim Palsgraaf
Ashes 03
2018, Wood, stained wallpaper, 20 x 30 cm
Pim Palsgraaf
Hillgasse 02
2018, Wood, stained wallpaper, 20 x 20 cm
Pim Palsgraaf
Hyfen 01
2014, Wood, concrete, found material 1250 x 500 x 450 cm, Site-specific installation in abandoned factory, Leipzig,Germany.
Pim Palsgraaf
In the absence of light
2016, Wood, concrete, 620 x 250 x 1580 cm, Site-specific installation at Kunsthal Museum Rotterdam.
Pim Palsgraaf
Mycose city 28
2018, Wood, model houses, concrete, 30 x 25 x 25 cm
Pim Palsgraaf
Mycose city 33
2019, Wood, model houses, concrete, 70 x 45 x 45 cm
Pim Palsgraaf
Perception of reality
2018, Wood, concrete, 70 x 80 x 250 cm, Commissioned site specific installation.
Pim Palsgraaf
Traces of emptiness 05
2018, Wood, stained wallpaper, burnt wood, 63 x 35 x 13 cm
Pim Palsgraaf
Traces of emptiness
2018, Wood, metal, wallpaper, concrete, 360 x 200 x 220 cm