“I perceive Stanisław Fijałkowski as one of the most “discrete” and quiet Polish artists today. I know very few artists who have managed to retain such great calmness in art—and to express much with so little: a few lines and a few colors, an allusion to a theme or a motif, a trace, a void. “Minimalism”, yes, but not devoid of emotions, sometimes explicit, sometimes even whimsical, always unexpected.

“As the artist has said in an interview: his art is about a search for a minimum that is just enough to reveal the essential, in color, line, and in subject. Hence, no need for dramatic gestures in the name of supreme geometry, figuration, or any other form of ideology, are needed.”

– Marek Bartelik

Stanisław Fijałkowski
8 XI 73
1973, Oil on canvas, 65 x 60 cm.
Stanisław Fijałkowski
Live geometry
1996, Oil on canvas, 116.5 x 89 cm.
Stanisław Fijałkowski
Morning whispers from the depths of the picture
2005, Oil on canvas, 116 x 81 cm.
Stanisław FIjałkowski
XXXVII Highway-May 26, 1976
1976, Oil on canvas, 73 x 60 cm.