Große Brinkgasse 17-19, 50672 Cologne, Germany



At VOLTA 2019 GALERIE ANJA KNOESS (Cologne) represents Bertram Hasenauer, Austrian painter currently living in Berlin, Martin Wehmer, German artist living in China and Sarah McRae Morton, American painter, living in Pennsylvania and Cologne. 

These artists traffic in the conventions of western art historical context, both exemplifying their diverse points of interest and asserting unique signatures. The booth concept addresses the reinterpretation of portraiture and figuration, two central tenets employed by these artists. The painters works reveal an intellectual and sophisticated approach with continuing concern for foundational philosophies of modernist painting. Their work is engaged with representation and how the physical reality of the world is addressed in the act and result of painting, as well as its appearance as contemporary commentary. 

The three artists on display will show an eloquent juxtaposition of painting, and other support medium including “photographic” and “sculptural view.” The inherent dynamic of trans-cultural discourse and art historical relevance characterize contemporary advancement in the arts. 

Sarah McRae Morton and Martin Wehmer have already been represented at VOLTA 2018. Their new works will show the impressing development of their artistic topics and techniques. Bertram Hasenauer’s approach to the genres and his idea of painting, coming from the sculptor’s point of view, will be their genius counterpart. Kinki Texas' portraits of Native Americans on their horse melted with renowned personalities from American popular culture as well as with Knights of the Grail, show images of sovereigns with contemporary and postmodern attitude. 

Bertram Hasenauer
2019, Acrylic and silver pen on canvas, 100 x 80 cm.
Bertram Hasenauer
2017, Oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm.
Martin Wehmer
2018, Oil on canvas, 120 x 90 cm.
Martin Wehmer
2018, Oil on canvas, 75 x 45 cm.
Kinki Texas
Hankwesen und Kaw Liga
2019, Mixed media on paper, 59 x 42 cm.
Kinki Texas
Garden Cleaner
2019, Mixed media on paper, 48 x 33 cm.
Sarah McRae Morton
The Ancient’s Shrug
2019, Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm.