Galerie ALB, Paris

47 rue Chapon, 75003 Paris, France



We are coming to nine years of activity this year and are very happy to present and defend more than thirty artists, some of the young contemporary French scene. Our commitment through various exhibitions, including solo shows and collective exhibitions, as well as events outside the gallery – fairs for instance is limitless and made with passion. 

In the end of 2018 we started a new session of the gallery, showing new international artists and consolidate our collaboration with the gallery leading artists. The artistic choices remain the same : painting, drawing are the mediums of choice but a wish for eclecticism leads us to volumes / installation and photos. The guideline is defined by a representation of multidisciplinary realism.

The game of goes and comes between the work and the body, the rapprochement to the work to discover the technique and the necessary spacing to read it in overall is the artistic and scenographic link of the works that will be presented on the booth of the gallery in VOLTA. The artists develop the feelings and the resentments according to the angle by which they are approached. A booth of artworks where the first look is falsified by the technique and the medium. Are we sure of what we look and what we discover, a canvas/a picture, a frontal work in constant interaction with the view. 

Andoni Maillard
Sans titre 2
2019, Pyrography on wood, 150 x 130 cm. © Galerie ALB
Andoni Maillard
2018, Cross-stitch on poster, 55 x 80 cm. © Galerie ALB
Daan Lienvense
Ceci n’est pas un fait
2018, Epoxy and mixed media, 105 x 55 x 45 cm. © Galerie ALB
Fabio Deronzier
Study 1
2019, Oil on canvas, 70 x 40 cm. © Galerie ALB
Julia Faber
The Pride of the Western World / Stillleben mit Fischen
2018, Oil on canvas, 90 x 70 cm. © Galerie ALB
Julia Faber
Grazers and Hunters
2017, Oil and ink on canvas, 140 x 220 cm. © Galerie ALB
Nicolas Pegon
De leven gevende
2017, Charcoal on paper, 56 x 74 cm. © Galerie ALB
Nicolas Pegon
2018, Charcoal on paper, 56 x 74 cm. © Galerie ALB
Our Meat is USA Choice (triptych panel III)
2018, Oil and egg tempera on canvas, 275 x 200 x 6 cm. per panel.
Copyright THE KID all rights reserved, courtesy the artist and ALB Gallery
The Future Is Old
2019, Oil on canvas, 244 x 346 x 6 cm.
Copyright THE KID all rights reserved