Rem Project, San Juan

Calle Canals #204, Piso 1, Santurce San Juan, Puerto Rico




This exhibition showcases works by artists Raúl Estéras, Jaime & Javier Suárez, and Rafael Vargas Bernard, which encompasses a variety of techniques that merge the traditional medias into uniquely developed approaches. Each work constructs upon concepts related to the nostalgia for vintage communication technologies, the cosmic scenery of the unknown universe, and the vice of our oil barring civilization, obsessed with the frenzied consumption of fossil fuels that accelerate the pace of extinction. Although diverse in its statement, this exhibition generates a visual correlation of structures and forms that bind together diverging ideas into perplexity of worldwide concern. 

Jaime & Javier Suárez
2018, Mixed media, dimensions variable.
Raúl Estéras
2018, Mixed media, 72 x 48 x 48 in.
Rafael Vargas Bernard
Social Phone Networking
2018, Mixed media, performance still in San Juan.
Rafael Vargas Bernard
Newspaper Turntable
2018, Newspapers featuring news about government debt in Puerto Rico, turntables, sensors, microcontroller, wooden table, cables, headphones, power transformer.
Jaime & Javier Suarez
Offering (from series Petrofosil)
2018, Wood and mixed media, 21.5 in. diameter, 5.8 in. wide