Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen

Bredgade 23, 1260 Copenhagen, Denmark



For VOLTA Basel 2018, Martin Asbæk Gallery is revealing new art works from two slightly different Danish artists: Peter Bonde and Maria Rubinke.

Formally, there is no common feature between the artists. On the contrary, the composition and the materials of the works beautifully show their diversity, that is even though both artists are very concerned with the technicality of their craft.

Peter Bonde’s experiments with painting during the past three decades covers everything from the use of perishable materials, assemblage, collage, painting on canvases with pre-printed photographs, to the installation of video screens on the canvas. His new works are merely oil paintings but the experiment and the expansion of painting is still very central, as Bonde has replaced the traditional canvas with a special, ultra reflecting mirror foil. Bonde’s colorful strokes, and spontaneous style of painting is now suddenly in constant interchange with the ultra-reflective foil, which incorporates both space and viewer inside the painting. The foil — simultaneously with mirroring the room — seems to dematerialize itself, and the painted motif is thus the only thing remaining, floating weightless in the space as quivering, luminous strokes.

Maria Rubinke, on the other hand, works with the classic porcelain figure where she allows the incomprehensible and chaotic in the human subconscious to rise to the surface.  Rubinke is known for, in a dramatic way, to expose little innocent porcelain figurines to pain and suffering through different variations of sculptures. For Volta14 she has created never before seen works where the porcelain now is replaced with bronze.

Peter Bonde, UT 1, 2018, Oil on mirror foil, 100 x 80 cm
Peter Bonde, UT 2, 2018, Oil on mirror foil, 100 x 80 cm
Peter Bonde, UT 3, 2018, Oil on mirror foil, 100 x 80 cm