Galleri Flach, Stockholm

Hälsingegatan 43, 113 31 Stockholm, Sweden



In Pauliina Pietilä's dazzling paintings of interiors and outdoor environments, we can follow in detail how the motives take shape through how shadows and shifts in colors are sharpened. They are characterized by light, shadows, reflections, subtle details and careful juxtapositions of color and shade that render a specific sense to the image. The intensity of color and light that seem to come from the inside of the painting, creates an atmosphere so dense, that you are tempted to reach out and touch. Warm tones are broken against cold ones, and attract the gaze to wander deeper and deeper into the paintings to carefully explore the interiors. There is an investigation of the state of things and the relation between light and objects that recalls the painting tradition in the 17th century.

Pauliina Pietilä says:

“I try to express the wordless through my painting. I paint places that I notice during nightly walks on my way home from the studio. My method of working is reminiscent of a construction work. For example, when painting a shiny metallic object, I can feel the cold and smooth surface under my brush. My aim is to build a place so that the viewer gets the experience of being on the spot and in the mood of what the painting is really about.

“The paintings are not an expression of me, it is rather the world that expresses itself through my paintings. I have only been given the responsibility to produce them. I also try to show how reality is colored by what we choose to see in a specific moment. What we imagine or sometimes just misunderstand in our perception can be closer to the truth than what we actually perceive. My paintings are like a mirror, as much a comfort as a witness. They are an expression of our time.”

Born in Ilmajoki, Finland 1982, lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

Pauliina Pietilä
2018, Oil on canvas, 160 x 210 cm.
Pauliina Pietilä
2018, Oil on canvas, 140 x 100 cm.
Pauliina Pietilä
2018, Oil on canvas, 121 x 160 cm.
Pauliina Pietilä
2018, Oil on canvas, 160 x 121 cm.