Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt am Main

Schwedlerstrasse 1-5, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany



For the 14th edition of Volta Basel, Galerie Heike Strelow will put together a curated showcase aiming at creating a conceptual and aesthetical dialogue between figurative and conceptual artistic positions.

Our presentation will include works of six internationally established artists: the German sculpture and installation duo Winter / Hörbelt, the Venezuelan neo-figurative and neo-expressionist painter Starsky Brines, the British conceptual realist painter John Stark, the Spanish conceptual multi media artist Irene Grau, the British conceptual painter and sculptor Jonny Green, and the German conceptual and post-minimalist painter Herbert Warmuth. Their works reflect through different mediums on the human condition in the post digital world, raising questions about the relationship between man and contemporary structures. 

Winter / Hörbelt are known for their site-specific, mostly walk-in objects and large installations in public space. Their work has been shown among others at the Venice Biennial, the Skulptur Projekte Münster, the Yokohama Triennale and the Biennale of Liverpool and they realized over 80 works in the public space. Their works are placed in numerous private and public collections. The two artists live and work in Frankfurt/Main and Havixbeck in Westphalia, Germany. 

Starsky Brines paintings oscillating between figuration and abstraction are influenced by the recent Venezuelan social development and art historically by Latin American figurative art, the German neo-expressionism, the Italian Transavantgarde, and the COBRA group. His work has received international attention in numerous exhibitions and has been incorporated into important collections in Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America. Brines (b. 1977 Caracas) lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela.

John Stark paintings are laden with symbolic and mythological allusions drawing heavily on the dreamlike and archetypal, where Stark deploys universal motifs in combinations that are unique only to him. Stark can look back on various exhibitions in institutions and galleries in Europe and United States. His work is presented in private and public collections in Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom & United States. Sark (b. 1979 Hounslow) lives and works in Scotland. 

Irene Grau methodology focuses on colour as a transforming agent of the space and its perception. Her work focuses on the analysis of a space intervened in situ and its transformation through colour, all of which is intermixed following the traditions of the radical monochrome painting, mural painting, performative processes and the landscape. Grau (b. 1986 Valencia) lives and works in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Jonny Green makes paintings of sculptures… Mad-men rendered crudely in modelling clay and electrical tape or abject-looking re-animated brains adorned with filthy paper flowers and grubby clockwork parts. The resulting paintings are both still-life and portrait, animate and inanimate. As a painter and musician he has been traveling the world showcasing his practice in numerous exhibitions and concerts. Green (b. 1966 North Yorkshire) lives and works in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. 

In Herbert Warmuth’s paintings, different concepts of painting emerge, collage-like just in one picture, creating different approaches to the medium. By using materials like, fabric, aluminium and paint, his works have an object-associated character but they are everything else than monumental. In his most recent series he paints behind Plexiglas. His works are represented in several European collections. Warmuth (b. 1960 Schweinfurt) lives and works in Frankfurt/Main. 

Galerie Heike Strelow was established in 2007 by curator and art historian Heike Strelow in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. The gallery focuses on contemporary artistic positions that examine socio-political constructions and their relevance for the present. Most of the represented artists, work formally as well thematically on cross and trans-cultural matters, on territorial questions as well on personal and social identities. Gallery’s program consisting of exhibitions, talks, publication and other related events aims in rising questions about the notion of the culture landscape, the public space as well as the individual and social relations between human, body and environment. The gallery works with emerging and established positions and with artists that are both present in the institutional field and the art market. Aiming to support visibility of the artists in both fields.

Herbert Warmuth
Fahne L4
Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100 cm.
Herbert Warmuth
Kopfpaar S6
1991, Acrylic on fabric and wood, 70 x 66 cm.
Irene Grau
Pleinairist Monochromes – Lake
2017, Photography, 30.3 x 43 cm; Oil on canvas, 16 x 24 cm.
Irene Grau
Pleinairist Monochromes – Lake Kegonsa, Wisconsin
2017, Photography, 30.3 x 43 cm.
John Stark
Chessboard Landscape
2017, Oil on wood panel, 60 x 50 cm.
John Stark
Telling the Bees
2018, Oil on wood panel, 50 x 40 cm.
Jonny Green
Live at the Witch Trials
2015, Oil on canvas on wood panel, 90 x 72 cm.
Jonny Green
Polish the Past Until it Shines
2015, Oil on canvas on wood panel, 90 x 72 cm.
Starsky Brines
Lo Vamos a Ver
2018, Acrylic and oil pastel on paper, 100 x 70 cm.
Starsky Brines
Pintas Sobre el Animal
2017, Acrylic and crayon on canvas, 133 x 197 cm.
Winter / Hörbelt
2018, 3D folded mirror, metal plates, 110 x 75 x 50 cm.
Winter / Hörbelt
2017, 3D folded mirror, metal plates, 143 x 90 x 8 cm.