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Anders Knutsson is an American painter known for his deeply pigmented, monochrome paintings. Knutsson’s paintings have maintained their original direction and purpose, and to that extent are among the last authentic vestiges of Modernism still in practice. By reducing his paintings to pure colour, Knutsson invites the viewer to explore the medium of paint, thereby removing the painting from a social context. He has created a style which demands complete control of all the materials and ingredients, including the viscosity and transparency of the paint. The essence of these paintings is the transformation of material energy into the experience of the painting itself.

Lesley Hilling is based in Brixton, London, where she has spent a lifetime experimenting with recycled wood, often salvaged from discarded furniture and pianos. Found photographs, camera lenses and books are all objects that have been integrated into her striking constructions.The narrative of nostalgia and loss complements the beauty and fragility of the craftsmanship. Hilling interesting in antiquated miscellany originates from a desire to transform the world’s most abundant resource - waste - into something sacred and poetic.



left: Lesley Hilling, Brother John, 2012, Antique Wood and Piano Parts, 180 x 30 x 30 cm
right: Anders Knutsson, Jämtlands Dräll #2, 2014, Wax Oil on Linen, 130 x 89 cm
left: Anders Knutsson, Red River, 2016, Wax oil on linen, 132 x 89 cm
right: Lesley Hilling, Almadina, 2015, Antique wood and piano parts, 90 x 100 cm
Lesley Hilling, IvoryTower, 1993, Salvaged wood and piano parts, 450 x 50 x 50 cm
Lesley Hilling, El Barrio, 2016, Antique Wood and Piano Parts, 85 x 85 cm
Anders Knutsson, Red March, 2016, Wax oil on linen, 165 x 134 cm
Anders Knutsson, Forest Dräll, 2016, Wax oil on linen, 81 x 132 cm