The HomeBase Project: IGNATZ BIER


Special Project -- K4

Ignatz Bier is a artisan craft pilsner, brewed by HomeBase artists, beer lovers, neighbours and social entrepreneurs at the old Engelhardt Brewery located at Thulestrasse 54, Berlin, now home to HomeBase LAB. Our beer was named after Herr Ignatz Nacher, the legendary German-Jewish merchant, beer maker, director and main shareholder of the Engelhardt brewery. Nacher transformed Engelhardt brewery into one of the most successful breweries in Germany before it was taken over in the 1930’s by the Third Reich, in what became one of the biggest cases of Nazi expropriation.

Exactly 104 years after Ignatz Nacher launched the first ‘Engelhardt Pilsner’ on site, The HomeBase Project conducted an artistic resurrection of the brewery as both a tribute to our legendary landlord, and as a way to celebrate a new life for the building:

The establishment of the HomeBase LAB.

The HomeBase LAB – a non for profit artist-in-residency program – explores the notion of Home as the foundation of humanity, experiments in meaningful contemporary urban life, and aims to foster interconnectedness in society through the arts. Our facilities include 15 art studios for selected artists from various medias, a shared kitchen, a salon, the HB stage for performances, an eco-garden, a conference room, a library and educational program, and the Ignatz Bier Microbrewery. VOLTA 7 marks our International launch of Ignatz Bier. We are proud to offer to our supporters a signed edition of the original batch of Ignatz Bier, brewed on site on March 5th, 2011, and includes 99 bottles only. With these unique bottles we aim to realize our vision, build the HBLAB in Berlin, and spread our cultural message.

Prost & Lechaim!