Augusta Atla


presented by SPECTA

Born 1979 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Art making for me is a mixture of a natural need to express myself emotionally and passionately, a visual curiousness, a joy to express fantasy, a need to be spontaneous and playful, a visual interest in composing images, to study ‘femininity’ on visual terms, and to re-invent myself constantly. When I work I follow my visual intuition, and my emotional call - thereby my way of working has very little to do with concepts, nor with theory/intellectual debates within arts.

Art-making is taken seriously and done with liberty in hand, - as I take virtue in the wonders and sensitivity of humanity. I work as a public exposed artist (exhibitions and so on) because I have something to share, as the work promotes: intuition and emotional expressive freedom, and the work hopes to inspire that we, women, can respect whoever we are, with emotional depths, inner softness, fantasy and so on and not end up like beautiful commodities and/or well-framed copies of business-men.

Augusta Atla, One Blue, 2010, Self Portrait in Atelier, Unique photography, 20 x 30 cm
Augusta Atla, Love, Pain, Vanity and Freedom, 2010, Study for Performance