Paper Project Section 2008

In the 2008's Edition, the Curatorial Board chose to dedicate the central project section of the fair to works on paper. Extending the architectural concept of the VOLTA floor plan—where the gallery level and its attendant well provide a literal breathing space by opening up the visual horizon—the feeling was that paper works might augment the sense of quietude and pause created in this focal point of the fair. The myriad works, techniques and colours on view everywhere—in Basel as the macrocosm and at VOLTA as the microcosm—are like a maelstrom of visual information in which the Paper Projects might function as the peaceful eye of the storm, as well as exploring of the many ways the simple medium can be bent, painted, cut, crumpled, and constructed …

Galleries exhibiting in the Paper Project Section:

galerie anne barrault, Paris

Josée Bienvenu, New York


galerieKleindienst, Leipzig

Magnan Projects, New York

Helene Nyborg Contemporary, Copenhagen

Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam

Rotwand, Zurich