YOD Gallery, Osaka

4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0047, Japan

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YOD presents a three-artist show of Hebime, Hidehito Matsubara and Masakazu Fujiwara. The idea of “motion” is the theme of this show, and what is in common to the works of these three artists.

Hebime and Hidehito Matsubara touch the idea through their physical actions in the process of executing their works, while Fujiwara literally plays with the idea through his kinetic art. Hebime carves the multi-layered acrylic paint surface using a chisel. The carving marks display the physical movements of Hebime in his making, and bring out almost hallucinatory patterns with the layers of different colors revealed, leaving strong and unforgettable impression on the viewer. Matsubara obsessively cuts tiny pieces of painted paper with his fingers and layer them to generate alluring abstract images that allow multiple interpretations. The sensuous pattern of his artwork brings the sense of repetitive motion that the artist takes in the making process.

With his knowledge and techniques obtained while working as electrician, Masakazu Fujiwara produces kinetic arts. The works are composed of simple structures in monochromatic colors with an aesthetic of found mass-produced objects. Fujiwara uses materials such as pharmaceutical capsules, bellow pipes, and styrene foam. Once they move, however, the structures enact insect-like organic movements, speaking directly to the viewer’s physiological sensibility.

Hebime, Lab Work, 2012, acrylic on panel, 19 x 26 cm
Hebime, Lab Work, 2014, acrylic on panel, 61.5 x 73.5 cm
Hidehito Matsubara, Eternity, 2015, acrylic on paper, 53 x 45.5 cm
Hidehito Matsubara, Rapture, 2016, acrylic on paper on wood panel, 22.7 x 15.8 cm
Masakazu Fujiwara, Capsule Bugs (Creep), 2017, capsules, iron, magnet, motor, wood, ca. 90 x 90 x 5 cm
Masakazu Fujiwara, Sea Urchin II, 2011, glass, iron sand, magnet, motor, wood, 16x 8 x 8 cm