Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka

Yamazaki Bldg. 2F, 1-19-27 Minami-Horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0015, Japan

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TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY will introduce as a group show by Moriyuki Kuwabara, Tets Ohnari and Satoru Tamura at VOLTA 13.

Moriyuki Kuwabara was born in 1942 in Hiroshima, Japan. He graduated from Nihon University College of Art. Kuwabata has been creating art work only with a compass and ruler. At a glance, his work appears as if they were automatic constructed by fine machinery. However, it is simply drawn by his hand with a compass repeatingly. According to Kuwabara, indeed all of his works are created upon strict order. He first sets numerous lattice points on the surfaces. Then, he stars to draw the circles upon these points. This is the principal law for all of Kuwabara’s work. The endless creation of the circles upon the latticed points transform the “circles” from a “forms” to “lines”. Then the overlap and congestion of the circles spreads across the surface.

Tets Ohnari was born in Tokyo in 1980. He is now based in Prague, Czech Republic. Ohanri has been energetically exhibiting internationally using various mediums such as glass, stone and wood to make sculpture and installation work. The theme he works with is “the phenomenon and relationship of material change that happens when a person comes into physical contact”. He also has said that for his method of presenting sculpture, he maintains an awareness of doubling and symmetry. Like “light and shadow”, “create and destroy”, ”subject and object”, one pair of concepts and elements can exist in one thing. It seems contradictory at a glance but he believes that all actions and things are originally equal.

Satoru Tamura was born in Tochigi in 1972. Tamura is a multimedia artist who creates kinetic art, video art etc. His art work is based on the theme “the destruction of meaning”. Tamura is always well received internationally, with solo shows at art fairs and group shows worldwide. He has also held very successful large-scale solo shows at national museum in Japan including Koyama Municipal Museum of Art and Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts. He has participated at VOLTA9 and VOLTA NY in 2014 with great success.

Moryuki Kuwabara, work 10, 1979, acrylic on canvas / plywood, 90.7 x 90.7 cm
Moryuki Kuwabara, Concurrence Scene : 1975 - 7, 1975, acrylic on canvas / plywood, 135 x 13 5 cm
Tets Ohnari, monos, 2016, name card, acrylic sheet, bolt, magnet, aluminum, 150 x 250 x 6 cm x 2 pieces
Tets Ohnari, Manebi - tear - 2016, glass, mirror, LED, aluminum, H197 x W60 x D70 cm
Satoru Tamura, LOVE MACHINE #4, 2014, iron, chains, bearings, motors and others, 716 x 43 x 20.5 cm
Satoru Tamura, Point of Contact for Incandescent Lamp #28, 2017, Incandescent lamps, aluminum, steel, codes, motors...etc,, W36.5 × D27.5 × H67.5 cm / W27.5 × D27.5 × H42 cm