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Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to exhibit two of our fantastic young artists at VOLTA Basel 2017: Luka Kurashvili and Sebastian Weggler. These two artists will create a site-specific installation of an artist living space in our booth.

Luka Kurashvili (b. 1985) is an artist whose dreams and sub consciousness are of great influence in his work. While he works in a figurative manner, symbolic and metaphorical symbols are often depicted. Working largely with oil on canvas, Kurashvili gives the viewer a window to his world where time and place do not exist. Magical landscapes and strange figures are entangled in his colourful and expressive canvases. Before studying at the Düsseldorf Academy under Peter Doig, Kurashvili studied religious painting in the Georgian Republic where he was born.

Sebastian Weggler (b.1983) is a German artist who is well known for his use of different materials and working in diverse disciplines. Weggler has produced paintings, reliefs, sculptures, tapestries and video work. Working with diverse materials makes Weggler a master of handicraft. He studied millennia old traditions of craft to perfect his artwork. A motive that often comes back in his work is his great sense of humour and self-sarcasm. Many of his works include self-portraits of the artist in different situations and realities. Weggler has studied under Jörg Immendorff and Markus Lüpertz, and his work is prominent private and institutional collections.

Luka Kuriashvili, Man by the River, 2016, Oil on linen, 190 x 270 cm
Luka Kuriashvili, Rainy night in Soho, 2017, Oil on linen, 180 x 120 cm
Luka Kuriashvili, The Judges, 2016, Oil on canvas, 200 x 230 cm
Sebastian Weggler, Malerrelief, 2017, Painted wood, 40 x 30 cm
Sebastian Weggler, Bildhauerrelief, 2017, Painted wood, 40 x 30 cm
Sebastian Weggler, Im Atelier, 2107, Felt and textiles, 190 x 310 cm