SARDAC, London

3 Greville Road, London NW6 5HL, U.K.



Stephen Goddard was born in 1959 and lives and works in London. Stephen is one of Britain's finest contemporary artists. He has always placed the drawing of high importance in his understanding and discipline of art. When you arrive at his paintings and sculptures you notice the strong technical structure and balance in the work. This is combined with his deep feeling and narrative enabling the work to perform on a high plane of consciousness. His work is held in numerous prestigious international collections.

Lyle Carbajal is a multimedia artist focusing on the social commentary of cultural and economic perception and their implications in contemporary art. Romancing Banality is his current traveling installation exploring these ideas, in which viewers are fully immersed into the environment of his subjects for a truly distinctive, engaging, multi-sensory experience that challenges perspective and social beliefs. By inhabiting the city of upcoming exhibitions in advance, Carbajal creates a unique audience experience – a manifestation of experiences, people, attitudes, and perception – which is in a constant state of transformation as it evolves with each location simultaneously serving as both subject and muse.

“It’s a city’s Zeitgeist that interests me,” says Carbajal. “The sights, the sounds, the way its people either cherish or disregard artistic forms, the city’s visual connection to the past and whether or not it recognizes its indigenous culture. The irrational anomaly, the loose thread, the pottery kill-hole...painting at its root is not problem-solving but is an appositional creation. Forging artlessness and bad painting through line and then subject and composition weaving through a reverse-eponymous mythology, all the while employing the thematic of religion and taboo, children’s dreams and urban folk art, randomness and graffiti...I construct my playground. Although some of the images are meant to be taken literally, their intent is to lurk rather than convene...simply let the environment descend upon you. While not exclusively contemporary, my work does exist somewhere between the vernacular and the latter. These are the truths I perceive through my eyes, my journeys, and my exploration as an artist.”

Stephen Goddard, Corbulo, 2016, collage, nails, penny reds and biro, 38 x 30 cm
Stephen Goddard, Father as Pope, 2015, watercolour, ink, pencil and graphite on prepared paper, 70 x 54 cm
Stephen Goddard, Miss Gluck, 2016, collage, pencil, tape on school paper, 34 x 26 cm
Stephen Goddard, Margaret, 2016, mixed media on paper, 52 x 35 cm
Stephen Goddard, Wolf Head Nan, 2016, mixed media on panel, 91 x 90 cm
Stephen Goddard, Uruss, 2009, silver, 18 x 27 cm
Lyle Carbajal, Boxeator, 2016, mixed media on panel, 120 x 101 cm
Lyle Carbajal, Untitled, 2015, mixed media on panel, 120 x 101 cm
Lyle Carbajal, Young Turk, 2016, mixed media on panel, 120 x 101 cm
Lyle Carbajal, One Arm Pushup, 2016, mixed media on panel, 120 x 101 cm