RoFa Projects, Potomac

10008 Hemswell lane, Potomac, MD 20854, USA



RoFa Projects is a platform to advance the social and cultural awareness of Latin American contemporary art. Rofa projects will be presenting migration flow: A grim commentary on the condition of displacement. 4 artists, Erika Harrsch (Mexico), Lester Rodriguez (Honduras), Maurico Esquivel (El Salvador) and Santiago Velez (Colombia), using codes and iconographies and sharing content based upon the migratory experience and the surrounding circumstances that define identity, nationality, economy and global mobility. These different versions of contemporary migration show a variety of aspects associated with human flow across the world in search of better living conditions, freedom and hope.

Erika Harrsh’s work, thematically aligned with the butterfly, shares content based on migration, sexuality, identity, etc. She has further elaborated on the complexity of the migratory experience, to approach immigration reforms and the recontextualization of the physical borders.

Lester Rodriguez’s installations explore the spatial relationships between the subject and the territory. A route that restate the question of the migrant. A dialogue that points to different aspects such as the relationship between migration and work.Esquivel has been making hand made projects, which suggest different possibilities and gestures that change the way we perceive the relations between power and economy.

Maurico Esquivel uses coins to explore social subjects such as migration, violence, war, displacement and hope. Through installations and multidisciplinary languages Santiago Velez establishes links, intersections and divergences between global realities that erupt in specific areas of society. The works that we will show refer not only to the phenomenon of forced migrations, but also to the coexistence of all of the cultural symbolism and heritage that creates simultaneous realities and mirror cities, both products of transculturalization. Metaphors, such as doors, coins, gold ingots, battleships and butterflies make us rethink the condition of borders and the migration processes. Putting 'doors to the sea" that can be opened for a better life.

Erika Harrsch Eurospecimen2011-2016, Archival ink print on cotton paper, cut-out and hand painted butterflies and entomological boxes, 23 of the boxes contain a euroespecimen and one box contains 23 pinned tags with information on each extinct specimen: the name of the currency, the country where it comes from and the day each one went out of circulation, 170 x 100 cm
Lester Rodriguez, Black Tide, 2017, Offset printing paper boats, variable dimensions
Lester Rodriguez, Black Tide, 2017, Offset printing paper boats, variable dimensions
Mauricio Esquivel, Displacement Line (Detail), 2015-2017, Hand-cut coins for wall intervention, 500-1200 coins, variable dimensions
Santiago Velez, Puertas al mar, Mediterráneo, 2016, Sculpture
Santiago Velez, Ley de Paramos 2015, Glass structure filled with shredded Colombian coin paper