GALLERY KOGURE, Tokyo / New York

2-14-19 Kanda-jinbocho Chiyoda-Ku, 101-0051 Tokyo, Japan



Michiyo Miwa (Wood Sculptor)
Her realism captures not only human and animals but also silkworms, slug, plants and sometimes even stripped off garments. Each of her creations speaks up that the life is never an easy affair. The viewers can see benevolence that exists in the simple and plainly ordinary being, the way of living which never gets discussed and non-significant things which are never considered as anything – not at all in something special like uniqueness.

Mai Miyake (Harmonizer)
Using the well-selected theme and the choicest components of the highest quality that this sophisticated artist finds fitting, she attunes times, faith, different cultures and words into contemporary paintings and installations with no constraint.We can get the glimpses of the icon drawn naturally and simply by the outstanding feel for colors in the original base her sophisticated sense created with the classical style she finds irresistible.

Kotaro Nagira (Weaver)
Nagira is the artist to portray the values of the society through the act of “weaving”. He weaves mainly with wastes. Because wastes are like the reverse mirror of the society, he can show us the world by weaving with wastes. Separately discarded wastes are classified, systemized in the process of weaving, controlled by Nagira’s choice of colors, and then transformed into the colorful composition.

Lina Uchida (Paper Handler) Uchida portrays the workings of life and metempsychosis with grass paper and flame. She has the full control of grass paper with the texture resembling human skin to change its shape, and shades it by burning with flame. All lives are ephemeral in the everlasting time, and they grow and metamorphose, and advance and evolve with discipline. Uchida claims that advancing to nurture feelings is equivalent to continuously working on a single material.

Kogaro Nagira, Bari3, 2013, Ultraman action figures, plastic bags, 37 x 36 cm
Lina Uchida, Libitina: rebirth, 2017, Japanese paper, glue, 25 x 25 x 25 cm
Mai Miyake, Untitled, 2017, mixed media, 190 x 64.5 cm
Mai Miyake, Untitled, 2017, mixed media, 190 x 64.5 cm
Michiko Miwa, I don’t eat pickled fish, 2015, Japanese cypress, white clay, lacquer, 42.5 x 19.5 x 41 cm
Michiko Miwa, SAIZO – lurking in the fog, 2015, Japanese cypress, white clay, lacquer, 42 x 19 x 54.5 cm