Galerie Charlot, Paris

47 rue Charlot, 75003 Paris



Galerie Charlot Booth will show recent artworks by contemporary French artists Antoine Schmitt and Flavien Théry. Through screen-based works, sculptures and installations, the booth would like to show a new approach to abstraction. Galerie Charlot chooses to focus on moving forms of abstract images, as a continuation of the concepts advanced by kinetic and early algorithm-based art. 

Artist Antoine Schmitt creates artworks in the form of objects, installations and situations to address the processes of movement and question their intrinsic problematics, of plastic, philosophical or social nature. Heir of kinetic art and cybernetic art, nourished by metaphysical science-fiction, he endlessly interrogates the dynamic interactions between human nature and the nature of reality. Originally programming engineer in human computer relations and artificial intelligence, he now places the program, a contemporary artistic material and unique by its active quality, at the core of his artworks, to reveal and literally manipulate the forces at stake.

Flavien Théry explores the principles behind optical illusions that lead to color perception of light. He brings into question the mechanisms of human perception and the optical illusion of color and light with his installations. He refers to scientific experiments and often connects them to mystic elements of different cultures. On the one hand, his installations seem plain and technical, yet on the other they evoke a mysterious and secretive side, hiding the true function of the work. By an artistic approach, Flavien Théry redefines our understanding of time, space and reality.

Antoine Schmitt, Black Square, 2016, Computer, screen, frame, specific program (5 copies + 2 AP), 58 x 35 x 6 cm
Antoine Schmitt, Carré Noir, 2016, Plotter drawing on paper, Unique, 21 x 29,7 cm

Antoine Schmitt, Dance to death, 2015, Generative video, LCD screen, computer, specific program (5 copies + 1 AP), 107 x 63 x 7 cm
Flavien Théry, Les contraires (n°2), 2016, Video Installation, Brushed stainless steel, mirror polished steel, Aluminium, Waxed MDF, Modified LCD screen, Electronics, 20 x 16 x 18,5 cm
Flavien Théry, Dual, 2015, Video Installation, Plexiglas, PVC, Mirror, Modified LCD Screens, Computer & Specific application, 101,5 x 75 x 63 cm
Flavien Théry, Seven, 2014, Video Installation, Obsidian, Plexiglass, Modified LCD Screen, Memory Card, 31 x 23,7 x 8 cm | 22,5 x 7,5 x 21 cm