Gabinete de Arte k2o, Brasilia

SMDB conjunto 31 lote 1B – Lago Sul, Brasília 71.680-31, Brazil



The Brasília gallery Gabinete de Arte k2o participates for the first time at VOLTA 13 Basel and proposes a poetic dialogue among four artists from different generations and origins: two foreigners and two Brazilians, whose works connect really well, highlighting geometry, visual poetry, literature, minimal & conceptual art. Provocative and challenging aspects come across with this interaction of “almost outsiders” artists.

Methodic and obsessive repetition of a technique brings together two of the artists: The 80 years old Dutch-American artist Roland Gebhardt is an authentic minimalist whose works (more than 50 years with no pressure from the art market), deals with the VOID, changing nature of volumes and developing a strong concept in minimalist art just by interfering and cutting rough and organic material such as paper, stone, wood or aluminium, as well as fruits, books and vegetables. While mathematic is always present in his research, colour is almost inexistent.

Galeno creates a total new artistic language based on constructivism and geometry matrix, where colour is essential. His work is all structured in elements from his own personal roots in the interior of Brazil. His universe is full of amazing colours, magic feelings and inventive graphic schemas with a very coherent evolution. Meanings comes from forms and history is present all over as a formal choice.

Literature, architecture, philosophy and poetry connects the other two: Almandrade is a Brazilian from Bahia, artist, architect and poet, who since the 70’s creates visual poetry and neo-concrete works with strong political content including drawings, paintings, installations, sculptures and objects. His sophisticated and essential compositions reveals much of the strong neoconcrete heritage in which he was raised as pupil of Lygia Pape and Helio Oiticica with who he even developed some works. The strength and vitality of his work are deeper than it appears to be.

As for the Belgian Gauthier d’Ydewalle, literature is the source of his geometric and complexes photographs, full of dense meanings and pure philosophic reflections trying to better understand life or to stimulate thinking through visual arts. We invite the visitor to know these unique universes, exploring fresh, quite provocative works of contemporary art. Artists who are really intriguing storytellers with different perspectives and some historical approaches.

About the gallery itself: The Gabinete de Arte k2o is the first art gallery from the capital of Brazil to have international reach. It represents Brazilian and foreign artists and acts in Brazil as well as overseas, collaborating directly in the insertion of contemporary artists at the creative industry and on the institutional scene. It supports innovative projects; it develops also a program of lectures and workshops and public artistic interventions in partnership with other institutions. It also intends to stimulate the curatorial production, developing projects with visiting curators and implementing artistic residencies.

Gauthier d'Ydewalle, Babel Library (Jorge Luis Borges), from The Spirit of the Books series. 2017, C-Print Photography in Methacrylate, 130 x 80 cm
Galeno, Tristan, 2017, Oil on wood. 60 x 30 cm
Galeno Haunt, 2017, Oil on wood, 40 x 56 cm (15 x 22 inches)
Roland Gebhardt, 0014 - Untitled, 2017, Aluminium, 75 x 75 x 10 cm
Almandrade, Visual Poem,1988, Acrylic on canvas, 25 x 40 cm
Galeno, Mystery, 2017, Oil on wood, 60 x 30 cm
Roland Gebhardt, Untitled 2017, Arches paper 280 lbs, 8 x 8 x1.5 inches (24 x 24 x 5 cm)
Almandrade, The Doubt of Reason, 1983-93, Acrylic on canvas, 35 x 27 cm