frosch&portmann, New York

Dennis Dawson and Guy C. Corriero.

Overpainting and Underpainting in Artistic Discourse

frosch&portmann’s duo presentation Overpainting / Underpainting is an artistic discourse between artists Dennis Dawson and Guy C. Corriero.

The dialogue happens on many levels; between the walls of the booth, displaying monochrome paintings and drawings by Corriero, and a table with sculptural work and stacks of collages by Dennis Dawson. While Dawson paints over found material to clear his way for new and personal imagery, Guy Corriero’s monochrome gesso paintings consist of an initial layer of paint and redefine the preparatory intention of the media. 

Dennis Dawson feels a need to arrange things, things close to and around him. The materials and subjects he chooses to work with have a life (already). By using material already existent in this world, Dawson adds to a dialogue and becomes a steward of shared experience. 

Recent work involves tearing out pages from consumer catalogues and other magazines to be reused as the basis and support for a new image. The artist is drawn to these loose individual pages as they have already had a purpose prior to his obtainment of them. In Dawson’s work, parts of the original found materials show through or have a prominent place as a palimpsest of their cultural/consumer source.

Guy C. Corriero, who also works in ceramics, employs many layers of handmade gesso in his paintings. Gesso has traditionally been used as a base to prime canvases and panels before applying paint, however the artist mostly uses gesso without or just a hint of paint to create different shades of white, rendering the invisible visible. Shadows created by the irregular edge trim thicken and narrow. The hand of the artist is clearly evident in the luminous, uneven surfaces of the paintings and works on paper shown here.

Dennis Dawson, Johnson City, Tennessee, 2016-17, Mixed media and collage on canvas, 36 x 32 in
Dennis Dawson, Untitlted (just until dawn), 2017, Spray enamel, absorbent ground medium, ink, collage on paper, 8 x 10 in
Dennis Dawson, Untitled (this stack won’t blow)
2001-17, Oil crayon, absorbent ground medium, gesso, ink, collage on paper, 8 x 10 in
Guy C. Corriero, Untitled, 2016, Gesso, mixed media on board, 25 x 8 x 10 in
Guy C. Corriero, Installation view, 2017
Guy C. Corriero, Installation view, 2017