COHJU contemporary art, Kyoto

1F COHJU Bldg., 557 Bisyamon-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0981, Japan



Kosei Komatsu makes sculptures with bird’s feather and stuffed birds. His interest in “buoyancy” led to his obsession with “birds” resulting in his most recent body of works dealing with themes such as “birds” and “wings”. His work lies at the intersection of two technologies – that of humans and of nature.

Michael Whittle’s art concerning biology records the disjunctive dialogue between mind and nature. It shows how human will to domesticate nature results in peculiarly hampered growth, which then elicits even more tenacious interventions. Drawn with religious solemnity, the back and forth scene commemorates a festival of futility.

Kosei Komatsu, Lifelog_mobile_18, 2017, Feather, Aluminum, Wood, 87 x 105 x 30 cm
Kosei Komatsu, Lifelog_melopsittacus undulatus_green/yellow, 2016, Feather, Acrylic case, 23 x 26 x 23 cm
Michael Whittle, Mare Orientale (Eastern Sea), 2017, Ink and watercolour on paper, 35 x 35 cm
Michael Whittle, Uniformly magnetised sphere (nano dot simulation), 2017, Ink and watercolour on paper, 35 x 35 cm