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In Structure and Growth, paintings by Andrei Roiter which are linked to the Russian Constructivist tradition will meet the organic structure of ceramic sculptures by Anne Wenzel which deal with growth and decay in a lush and complex sense. The newest film ‘Double Mirror’ by Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács – a sequence of 3D images in an ongoing loop, freely projected on the wall - melt into an amalgam of words and objects, materials and textures, matter and anti-matter, circulating in a fluid state of continuous metamorphosis.

Andrei Roiter (1960 Moscow) maps the world as an observer, creating a new order for his memories and observations. His method of constructing images lead to paintings built up in layers.

Anne Wenzel (1972 Schlütdorf, Germany) has been building an oeuvre of ceramics diverting its tradition into remarkable sculptures with a brutal sense of decay. Drawing her inspiration from art-history, Wenzel is intrigued by the symbolic language behind heroism and violence and the spectacle that tends to accompany these subjects.

Persijn Broersen (1974 Amsterdam) & Margit Lukács (1973 Amsterdam) work in a wide variety of media—most notably video and animation. With video pieces that incorporate footage, digital animation and images appropriated from the media, they demonstrate how reality, (mass) media and fiction are strongly intertwined in contemporary society.

Andrei Roiter, Climate Report, 2016, Oil on canvas, 200 x 160 cm
Andrei Roiter, Helmet, 2014, Oil on canvas, 90 x 70 cm
Anne Wenzel, Chasing Silence (Blue Raven), 2017, Ceramic, 63 x 91 x 82 cm
Anne Wenzel, Chasing Silence (Golden Buzzard), 2017, Ceramic, 60 x 61 x 65 cm
Broersen & Lukács, Double Mirror, 2017, HD Video
Broersen & Lukács, Double Mirror, installation view, AKINCI, 2017