June 10–15, 2013

Dreispitzhalle, Helsinki-Strasse 5, CH-4142 Basel / Münchenstein, Switzerland

Photos courtesy of Nicholas Winter Photography

(foreground) hanging works by Simón Vega (HilgerBROTKunsthalle, Vienna) and an overlook of Hall C, featuring (from left to right) Gallery Skape (Seoul), Christian Larsen Gallery (Stockholm), Galleri Christoffer Egelund (Copenhagen)
Irina Protopopescu attends to a collector at her bustling SLAG Gallery (Brooklyn) booth, featuring works by Dumitru Gorzo and Naomi Safran-Hon
Mira Bernabeu of espaivisor – Galería Visor (Valencia) presents Hamish Fulton's VOLTA9 Limited Edition print and other works to collectors
Eva Ruiz of PRO Gallery (Madrid) presents mixed-media 'books' by Almudena Lobera to collectors
A visitor engages with Rachel Goodyear's graphite and collage triptych (The International 3, Manchester)
Ron Mandos (of his namesake Amsterdam gallery) presents Rik Smits' sprawling polystyrene cityscape to collectors
Markus Kersting of krupic kersting galerie || kuk (Cologne) presents Tobias Sternberg's carved hammer sculpture to a collector
Andreas Binder (of his namesake Munich gallery) talks art by Anna Navasardian (background) and Hadrien Dussoix (foreground) with a collector
The artist Adam Mysock (Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans) presents his works to a collector
Greeting VIPs (background: paintings by Aurelia Gratzer at Brunnhofer Galerie, Linz)
The artist Nika Neelova (showing with Jarmuschek + Partner, Berlin) and dealer Ron Mandos (of namesake Amsterdam gallery)
(background) Margherita Berloni of EB&Flow (London) shows abstract paintings by William Bradley to collectors. (foreground) Patrick Heide (of his eponymous London gallery) shows a light drawing by Hans Kotter to a collector
Kathy Grayson of The Hole (New York) engages collectors with Kadar Brock's textural paintings
Lars Rahbek (of LARMgalleri, Copenhagen) presents a sculptural 'drawing' by Hartmut Stocker to a collector
Christopher Yeats (right) of Vane (Newcastle Upon Tyne) discusses graphite works by Michael Mulvihill
VIP bags at VOLTA entryway
STONEMAN (Unguided, Zurich) leads a VIP in his interactive artwork Win a Religion
VOLTA9 visitors immerse in Franz Burkhardt's salon-style drawing installation at Sebastian Brandl (Cologne)
Erik Jönsson and Emil Bertz (of Christian Larsen, Stockholm) leads collectors around large-scale works by Viktor Rosdah
(foreground) Jeongyun Choi's salt and metal sculpture, (background) Myungil Lee's mixed-media works, both at Gallery H.A.N. (Seoul)
Thomas Jaeckel (of 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York) converses with collectors about his artist Armando Mariño
Juan Arana (right, of ARANAPOVEDA Gallery, Madrid) presents an Ignacio Bahna sculpture to a collector
Berthold Pott (in black jacket, of CHAPLINI, Cologne) presents works by Philip Siebel to collectors
Alva Angeli (of Jarmuschek + Partner, Berlin) talks with a collector, surrounded by prints by Carine Linge and a large-scale sculpture by Nika Neelova
A VOLTA9 visitor interacts with Satoru Tamura's Point of contact machines (Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka)
Christoffer Egelund (right, of his namesake Copenhagen gallery) and a visitor surrounded by Christoffer Joergensen kaleidoscopic prints
A visitor peers through a lens at a Nicolas Grospierre three-dimensional print (ALARCÓN CRIADO, Seville) as dealer Carolina Alarcón looks on (in background are prints by Grospierre and Alejandra Laviada)
Stas Bags Bath installation (Anna Nova Art Gallery, St. Petersburg)
Valerie Dillon (left) of Dillon Gallery (New York) engages collectors with a Steven MacIver installation and Ultra Violet neon works
works by Folkert de Jong and Richard Stipl (Galerie Dukan, Paris)
Zavier Ellis (in white shirt, of CHARLIE SMITH london, London) immerses viewers in his Unheimlich group installation
SMAC Art Gallery (Stellenbosch/Cape Town), with works by Ed Young
A Sofie Muller sculpture emerges within Galerie Martin Kudlek's (Cologne) bustling booth
VOLTA9 visitors immerse in a suite of works on paper by Julia Kuhl (frosch&portmann, New York)
Julie Silbermann of Martin Asbaek Gallery (Copenhagen) leads visitors through works by Tjorg Douglas beer and Cathrine Raben Davidsen
Elana Brundyn (Brundyn + Gonsalves, Cape Town) discusses Sanell Aggenbach's installation and works on paper with a collector
Jesper Elg of V1 Gallery /Official (Copenhagen) discusses works by John Copeland and Anika Lori with collectors
A VOLTA9 visitor contemplates Jan Mikulka's photorealistic portraiture (Vernon Gallery, Prague). In foreground: assemblage by Daniel Gonzalez
Leigh Conner and Jamie Smith of (Washington DC) present LED works by Leo Villareal
reflecting on Hans Kotter's lightbox 'drawing' at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art (London)
VOLTA shuttles