June 11–16, 2012

Dreispitzhalle, Helsinki-Strasse 5, CH-4142 Basel / Münchenstein, Switzerland

Photos courtesy of Nicholas Winter Photography 

VOLTA8 Limited Edition by Jason Gringler (Galerie Stefan Röpke, Cologne). In foreground: dealer Jiri Svestka (Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague/Berlin) with a collector
Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery (Rovereto), featuring works by Armando Lulaj
A visitor contemplates Pe Lang's kinetic artwork at Galerie Mario Mazzoli (Berlin)
Foreground: HENNINGSEN gallery (Copenhagen) and work by Mikkel Carl; background: BACKSLASH Gallery (Paris) with works by Boris Tellegen
MA2 Gallery (Tokyo), with works by Ken Matsubara
Valenzuela Klenner Galería (Bogotá), featuring photography by Edwin Sánchez
Foreground: Wimder+Theodoridis (Zurich), featuring works by Matthew Cox; Background: SPECTA (Copenhagen), with works by Andreas Schulenburg
Nusser & Baumgart (Munich) booth, with works by Benjamin Bergmann, Tom Früchtl, Julius Heinemann, Michael Wesley
Dealer Anita Beckers of Galerie Anita Beckers (Frankfurt) shows works by Christiane Feser
Hall A thoroughfare, showing Jiri Svestka (Prague/Berlin), Nusser & Baumgart (Munich), and LOOCK Galerie (Berlin)
Leigh Conner (foreground, of Conner Contemporary, Washington DC) speaks to collectors. In background: dealer Nathan Engelbrecht of EB&Flow (London), with works by William Bradley
Galerie Mario Mazzoli (Berlin), with works by Pe Lang
Dealer Kai Schupke of Galerie Metro (Berlin) shows works by Vanessa Henn to collectors
Collectors Susan and Michael Hort at Erika Deak Gallery (Budapest), with works by Alexander Tinei, Vitaly Pushnitsky, and Atta Szücs. In foreground: sculpture by Shapour Pouyan (Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai)
Ursula Sullivan of SULLIVAN + STRUMPF (Sydney) showing paintings by Sam Leach to a collector
Hall B Triangle, showing Vernon Gallery (Prague), Sebastian Brandl (Cologne), Galleria Heino (Helsinki), Erika Deak Gallery (Budapest), Lawrie Shabibi (Dubai)
Alarcon Criado (Madrid), with photography by Alejandra Laviada
Mark Fromm's Faun, at Jarmuschek + Partner (Berlin)
Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill (Graz), featuring sculpture by Poklong Ananding and painting by Jayson Oliveria
ADN Galería (Bogota), with works by Federico Solmi and Carlos Aires
Jáchym Fleig at Galerie Heike Strelow (Frankfurt)
Bernd Metz of Galerie Heike Strelow (Frankfurt) discusses works by Igor Sacharow-Ross and Jáchym Fleig
Dealers Jordanis Theodoridis and Werner Widmer of WIDMER+THEODORIDIS (Zurich) present works by Othmar Eder and Ernst Stark to collectors
A resin and concrete sculpture by Oliver Czarnetta at TEAPOT (Cologne)
Lutz Göbelsmann of TEAPOT (Cologne) discusses work by Robert Knoke
Visitors observe a Kit Reisch installation at Vernon Gallery (Prague)
Franklin Evans mixed-media work at Sue Scott Gallery (New York)
Christoffer Egelund of his namesake Copenhagen gallery talks works by Ida Kvetny
Knight Landesman (Artforum publisher) with Amanda Coulson, VOLTA's Artistic Director
Espaivisor - Visor Galeria (Valencia) featured works by Hamish Fulton, Nil Yalter, and Alberto Baraya.
Mira Bernabeu of espaivisor - Galería Visor (Valencia) shows works by Alberto Baraya to a collector
Ron Mandos, owner of Galerie Ron Mandos (Amsterdam) discusses Levi van Veluw's installation to collectors
Levi van Veluw's installation at Galerie Ron Mandos (Amsterdam)
Gluckya's installation at AKINCI (Amsterdam)
Galleria Heino (Helsinki) features an installation by duo IC-98
A painting by Matthew Hindley at Brundyn + Gonsalves (Cape Town)
Matthew Hindley at Brundyn + Gonsalves (Cape Town)
Shapour Pouyan's Projectile at Lawrie Shabibi (Dubai)
The artist Dacia Manto installs her work at PAOLO MARIA DEANESI GALLERY's (Rovereto) booth
V1 Gallery (Copenhagen), featuring photography by Matthew Stone
The artist Nick Fox discusses his work at Vane (Newcastle upon Tyne) to a collector
Emira Krupic of krupic kersting galerie // kuk (Cologne) shows staple-mural works by Baptiste Debombourg to collectors
Tyler Rollins, owner of Tyler Rollins Fine Art (New York) discusses sculpture by Sopheap Pich and video by Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook to a collector
Louise Rahbek of LARMgalleri (Copenhagen) talks to a collector. Paintings by Christian Achenbach
Joshua Callaghan's Shod Figure at Steve Turner Contemporary (Los Angeles)
Visitors board the VOLTA shuttle bus, with direct routes to and from Art Basel. The sculpture out front is by Thomas Kühnapfel (showing with Brunnhofer Galerie, Linz)
Smash137's mural for VOLTA8
The artist Smash137 in front of his mural, created for VOLTA8