June 16–20, 2010

Dreispitzhalle, Helsinki-Strasse 5, CH-4142 Basel / Münchenstein, Switzerland

Photos courtesy of Nicholas Winter Photography

VOLTA6 edition wall with artworks from edition artist Troels Carlsen
Schirman et de Beaucé and galerieofmarseille booth
Motive Gallery booth
Overview of Dreispitzhalle
Overview of Dreispitzhalle with Kavi Gupta and DCKT Contemporary
Friedrich Loock (dealer and founder of VOLTA) with collector, artwork from Ioana Nemes
Alon Segev booth with artworks from Gideon Rubin
Danielle and Christian Enoch-Maillard with dealer and VOLTA founder Uli Voges from VOGES Gallery
Dealer Spencer Brownstone with collectors
Dealer Kavi Gupta with collectors in front of the work by Curtis Man
Collectors at bitforms Gallery
Erika Déak Gallery
Amanda Coulson (Executive Director VOLTA6) with visitors
Katelijne De Backer (Director The Armory Show, New York) with Chris De Angelis (Production Manager VOLTA6)
Dealer and VOLTA founder Kavi Gupta and collector Amir Shariat
Brodie/Stevenson booth
bitforms Gallery booth, visitors in front of "The Company of Colours" by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Broodie/Stevenson booth
Teapot booth
Marina Dubina from Barbarian Art by Natasha Akhmerova with collector
Milliken Gallery with artwork from Olav Westphalen
Milliken Gallery with artworks by Olav Westphalen
Jarmuschek+Partner booth
MA2 Gallery with artworks by Akihiro Higuchi
Collector at David Risley Gallery with artwork by Rob MacNally
Zaum Projects with artworks by Katrin Korfmann
Corridor view with Erika Deák Galeria and artworks by Menno Aden
Erika Deák Galeria with artworks by Alexander Tinei
Schirman et de Beaucé booth
Jarmuschek + Partners booth with artworks by Harding Meyer and Carina Linge
ADN Galería booth with artworks by Eugenio Merino and Democracia
Entrance area VOLTA6 Dreispitzhalle
Rivera&Rivera with L.A. Art Machine
Bloodshed Event presents 'Sensitivity Training' by Tara Strickstein