Roebling Hall opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1998, as a venue dedicated to ambitious projects by emerging artists. The gallery expanded into a small 2nd floor storefront space in 2003 and, finally, into a large ground-floor space in Chelsea in September of 2004. We currently maintain two of these spaces, our new home base in Chelsea and our original Brooklyn location. We currently represent many of the artists that began with us in Brooklyn, including Sebastiaan Bremer, Christoph Draeger, Bjorn Melhus, Ivan Navarro, David Opdyke and Eve Sussman, who among them represent five different countries. With our physical expansion we have enlarged our program with additional international artists, ranging from the emerging Richard Galpin and Kevin Francis Gray to mid-career artists like Nick Waplington, Ray Smith and Nelson Leirner, the latter a legendary Godfather of Brazilian conceptualism. Our gallery mission remains to produce and exhibit large-scale projects such as the following video works we have co-produced and exhibited over the past year. These include "The Rape of the Sabine Women" by Eve Sussman and the Rufus Corp., as well as feature length video works by Christoph Draeger and Gary Breslin, Bjorn Melhus, Reynolds & Jolley, and Guy Richards Smit. In addition to video-intensive programming, our exhibition history is also weighted heavily toward challenging works in various media by artists like David Opdyke, Ivan Navarro, Christoph Draeger, Sebastiaan Bremer, John Lurie, Erik Benson and Courtney Smith. Beyond the will to mount ambitious and difficult projects, the gallery insists on a maximum of contemporary and historical relevance. Just as when we started eight years ago, the gallery remains committed to content-rich work that pushes the boundaries of art while remaining relevant to the most pressing concerns of our time.

Roebling Hall

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