"Einen frischeren Eindruck macht die VOLTA, der letzte verbliebene satisfaktionsfahige Konkurrenz-Satellit. Bei ihm stehen Große und Qualitat in ausgewogenem Verhaltnis. In ihrer zweiten Ausgabe nach dem Umzug an den alten (renovierten) Standort in die Markthalle am Baseler Hauptbahnhof scheint die Messe wieder auf einem guten Weg zu sein."

VOLTA makes a much fresher impression, it is the last remaining satellite fair that is satisfying. here, size and quality are in a balanced relationship. In its second edition back in the old (renovated) location in markthalle close to the main train station, the fair seems to be back on track.

Handelsblatt, June 18, 2015


"An der VOLTA ist auch dieses Jahr die Aufbruchstimmung zu spüren, die Messe hat sich, wie die Liste, zum Sprungbrett für eine Beteiligung an der Art Basel entwickelt."

Once again you can feel a spirit of optimism at VOLTA, the fair has become, like Liste, a stepping stone for a participation at Art Basel.

Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, June 18, 2015

"The art circuit is a demanding beast that needs constant feeding and you better be hosting and attending the right dinner parties. I rather like the notion of ‘art as punishment’, or ‘competitive viewing’, when people ask how you ‘done’ VOLTA or seen this or that show, there is a sense of missing out if you hadn’t, as if somehow you had failed in your quest to see it all and experience everything."

artlyst, June 20, 2015


"Die VOLTA11 bot Kunst, die sich sehen lassen kann. [...] Macht die Volta so weiter, könnte sich sich (wieder) zu einem Liebling entwickeln."

VOLTA11 offered art beyond conventional notions of a satellite fair for emerging art. [...] If VOLTA stays on its present course the fair might become everyone’s favorite (again).

Tageswoche, June 21, 2015


"World's Ten Best Art Fairs: ... quantity doesn't always equal quality, so we've handpicked the best art fairs around the globe: 1. Art Basel, 2. Frieze, 3. Artissima, 4. FIAC, 5. NADA, 6. Art Brussels, 7. VOLTA, 8. Untitled, 9. Independent, 10. Liste.

VOLTA has seen some exciting young talent burst onto the international arts stage in the last few years. Its launched in Basel in 2005, with sister fair VOLTA NY opening three years later. The galleries and the artists showing here are not famous or multi-million-dollar operations when compared with other fairs, but there is less pressure, resulting in artwork and projects that are daring, affordable, and fun."

Fodor's Travel, September 2014


"Jetzt scheint sich das Blatt gewendet zu habe. Der Kuppelbau wurde aufwendig restauriert und bietet jetzt den schönsten Rahmen in Basel – die Hauptmesse eingeschlossen."

Now the tide seems to have turned. The domed building has been restored and offers the most beautiful location in Basel — including the main fair.

artmagazine, June 21, 2014


"Wer es während der Art und ihren Nebenmessen gerne bunt und experimentell will, wanderte bis jetzt zur Scope. Doch dieses Jahr präsentiert sich die VOLTA ebenso als Paradiesvogel! Das Zehn-Jahre-Jubiläum der Messe sowie der wiedergewonnene Standort in der Markthalle scheinen frischen Wind in die Ausstellung zu bringen."

Those desiring color and experimentation during Art and its subsidiary fairs had to migrate up to Scope until now. But this year, VOLTA presents its "bird of paradise" as well! The event’s 10-year anniversary and reclaimed location inside the Markthalle brings fresh air into the exhibition.

Basler Zeitung, June 22, 2014


"Gute Stimmung also auf der Basler Satellitenmesse VOLTA, die mit ihrer 10. Ausgabe nun in der alten Markthalle stattfindet. Wieder sah man hier einige internationale Grosssammler, die erfolgreich auf Entdeckungsreise gingen."

Everyone is in a good mood at the Basel satellite fair VOLTA, whose 10th edition is taking place in the old Markthalle, where some major international collectors went on successful expeditions.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, June 20, 2014


"Bella, ben allestita e tornata nella sua sede più indovinata. [...] Fiere come VOLTA, che mantengono un livello alto, con gallerie di ottima caratura e progetti espositivi curati e validi."

Beautiful, well curated and back in its most inspired location. [...] Fairs such as VOLTA maintain a high level, with a quality selection of galleries and curated and intriguing projects.

Artribune, June 22, 2014


"Die VOLTA hat sich im Kielwasser der Art Basel [...] mit Erfolg als Plattform junger Galerien etabliert und setzt ihren Erfolgskurs auch dieses Jahr zügig fort."

VOLTA [...] established itself successfully in the wake of Art Basel as platform for young galleries and continues its successful course swiftly this year.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, June 15, 2013


"Insgesamt besticht die Messe mit 74 ausstellenden Galerien aus der ganzen Welt durch ihre schlichte Eleganz. Die Stände sind sorgfältig inszeniert, klar strukturiert und laden zum Verweilen ein. Auch qualitativ können die ausgestellten Werke überzeugen. Diese Faktoren und die gedeckteren Farben verleihen der VOLTA einen ernsthaften Unterton."

"The fair features 74 exhibiting galleries from all over the world, impressing with their simple elegance. The booths are carefully staged, clearly structured, and invite visitors to stay. Exhibited works are convincing, qualitatively. Factored together with muted colors gives VOLTA a serious undertone."

Basler Zeitung, June 15, 2013


"Die Tatsache, dass zahlreiche der hier vertretenen Künstler bereits an einer Biennale in Venedig teilgenommen haben, zeugt auch hier von dem hohen Qualitätsstandard."

"Artists also being presented at the Venice Biennale prove [VOLTA]'s high quality."

kunnst, Summer Issue 2013


"Die Internationalität der Galeristen, die die VOLTA bespielten, musste sich nicht hinter der großen Art Basel verstecken."

"The exhibitors' internationality at VOLTA did not take a back seat to Art Basel."

Kunstmarkt, June 22, 2013


"Manchmal plakativ, manchmal kleinteilig, manchmal dezent, manchmal knallig. Die VOLTA9, erneut in der Dreispitzhalle untergebracht, hält sich insgesamt doch sehr zurück. Was der Messe allerdings sehr gut tut [...], sie wirkt kuratiert."

"Sometimes bold, sometimes detailed, sometimes subtle, sometimes loud. VOLTA9, housed once again in Dreispitzhalle, restrains itself very much. But this is to the fair's benefit... it feels curated."

Tageswoche, June 14, 2013


"Le plus important étant [pour VOLTA] de réserver le salon aux galeries-mères, autrement dit, les galeries dont la vocation est d‘accompagner la construction de ses artistes – versus une simple représentation."

"The most important thing [for VOLTA] is to be a space for "mother galleries", i.e. the galleries whose mission is to truly support the initial career of emerging artists – as opposed to merely representing them."

L'AGEFI, June 11, 2013


"You know you’re at an international art fair when you see people in some art fair city that you only ever see in, well, some art fair city. Like a travelling circus, the art world moves on from New York to Basel to London to Miami etc. like an eternally recurring ouroboros caravan. And what does this mean? This means VOLTA is doing its job by attracting the best of the art world."

STATE MEDIA, June 11, 2013


"Offering a refreshing change of pace from the packed blue-chip action of the week's main event."

ARTINFO, June 15, 2012


"Denn diese Satellitenmesse mausert sich von Jahr zu Jahr zu einer ausgezeichneten und vielbeachteten Plattform für junge Galerien und deren Künstlertalente."

This satellite fair has blossomed from year to year into an excellent and closely-observed platform for young galleries and the artistic talent they represent.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, June 16, 2012


"Probably the most established of the Art Basel satellite fairs, VOLTA returns for its eighth edition, June 11-16, 2012, with 81 exhibitors, typically holding solo or small-group presentations."

artnet, June 5, 2012


"Einzelausstellungen sind keine Ausnahme, in Duo-Shows entstehen spannende Dialoge. Welches Niveau die VOLTA inzwischen erreicht hat, belegt die Teilnahme etlicher Biennale-Künstler, so etwa von Alberto Baraya und Anastasia Khoroshilova."

Solo presentations are the norm and exciting dialogues emerge from some two-person presentations. The number of biennial artists represented—such as Alberto Baraya and Anastasia Khoroshilova – confirms the level of quality that VOLTA has reached by now.

Basler Zeitung, June 15, 2012


"Die Scope ist somit auch dieses Jahr die poppigste der Messen. Ob man das mag oder nicht. Die VOLTA jedoch überzeugt durch qualitativ bessere Arbeiten. Der Abstecher auf den Dreispitz lohnt damit auf jeden Fall."

Bottom line: Once again, Scope is the loudest fair in Basel, like it or not. But VOLTA guarantees artworks of higher quality, making the trip to the Dreispitz absolutely worth your while.

Tageswoche, June 14, 2012