Alastair Levy


presented by Post Box Gallery

Born 1979 in U.K.

Alastair Levy has a diverse practice which incorporates a broad range of different media and a variety of different approaches to making. His primary source materials include office stationery, hardware products and traditional fine art supplies and his work increasingly leans towards an exploration of the relationships and dynamics that occur when these disparate constituent parts are forced to coexist. He is interested in developing gesture as a kind of language in which each individual act, no matter how seemingly unrelated from the last, begins to form part of a progressively more coherent whole. His work is equally concerned with the nature of industrially produced colours and their juxtaposition; more specifically, the relationship between different colours from different spheres of everyday life - the home, the office, the studio.

Alastair Levy, Definitely Not, 2011, plasterboard, artists' acrylic and highlighter, 29.7 x 49 x 2 cm
Alastair Levy, Plinth, 2011, reconstituted foam, 29 x 95 x 29 cm
Alastair Levy, Made Readymade, 2010, acrylic paint on acetate, 30 x 38 cm
Alastair Levy, Intention and outcome, 2010, oak, gesso, and highlighter ink, 30 x 120 x 25 cm