Adriaan Verwée


presented by TATJANA PIETERS

Born 1975 in Ghent, Belgium

In his work likes to focus on the ritual quality of news reports and reporting. At some point, or this is what many of his installations appear to confirm, there is a crucial moment when bare facts become disconnected from reality, and become corrupted in a tautological circle of conditioned insights and opinions. Verwée approaches his subject matter from a pseudo-scientific angle, creating a fictive topography on the basis of scientific visual material. The continuous tension between the functional and the aesthetical character of his autonomous and disfunctional sculptural maquettes questions the quantification of things, and opens the way to ‘another’ reality, a setting which transforms itself into a crossroads of past, present and future. The sculpture ‘Loop’ presents the dystopian image of a power pylon whose only purpose is to cast light on itself.


Adriaan Verwée graduated cum laude at the Academy of Gent and received the Prize Jules Devigne. He continued studying Jazz at the Conservatory of Gent. Verwée has taken part in various group shows, a.o. Voorkamer Lier (BE), Croxhapox Gent (BE), Thessaloniki Biennale (Greece), CHIPKA, Netwerk Aalst (BE). His work belongs to the collection of the Dexia Bank Belgium; and several private collections in a.o. Norway and Belgium. first presentation was chosen as one of the 30 exhibitions in ‘Contemporary Art In Belgium 2008’, ed. Henry Bounammeaux & Bart De Baere. In December 2010 Verwée will have his 3rd solo show in the gallery.

Adriaan Verwée, Loop, 2010, pu resin, pvc, cold cathode, fluor lamps, el.cables, 12 volt converter, 100 x 100 x 156 cm