Nick Ervinck


presented by Koraalberg

Born 1981 in Roeselare, Belgium

Nick Ervinck explores the borders between various media such as virtual animation, hand-made sculptures and installations, prints, video and digital drawings. As a basis for the creative aspect of his work he uses a huge, comprehensive archive of digital forms and images which serves as an almost inexhaustible, constantly expanding virtual sketchbook which he supplements on a regular basis.


Several of these digital ‘sketches’ can result in the creation of monumental sculptural forms made of painted plaster of Paris, polyester and wood. One of the main questions Nick Ervinck seems to ask in his artistic practice involves the exchangeability between virtual and real images with a focus on the in situ relationship between sculpture (virtual or not) and space (virtual or not). 

Nick Ervinck, Niebloy, 2010, polyester, 325 x 350 x 230 cm