Manuel Ocampo


presented by Pablo

Born 1965 in Manila

Born in 1965, Ocampo studied Fine Arts in the Philippines and the USA in the mid-80s but later dropped out to pursue independent studies in the arts. He has coupled his art practice with teaching at Berkeley, University of California, 1999-2002, and later at the CCA-California College of Art in San Francisco from 2003-2005.

Ocampo is currently residing in the Philippines. And over the last few years has spent considerable time in Spain, France and Luxembourg.

His work has been exhibited in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Madrid, Melbourne and Mexico City, among others. Also worth underscoring is his participation in Documenta IX in 1992, The Venice Biennale in 1992 and 2002, The Berlin Biennale in 2000, and The Lyon Biennale in 1998. His paintings are part of the collections of museums like MNCARS (Madrid), IVAM (Valencia), MOCA (Los Angeles) and the FukuokaAsianArt Museum (Japan).

Manuel Ocampo, Studio View, Luxemburg