Carlos Aires


presented by ADN Galería

Born 1975 in Spain

After several years in Belgium, Carlos Aires is now based in Madrid, developing his esthetic of ambiguity and analytic attitude toward our way of perceiving the reality surrounding us. From collage to cut-out works, passing through photography, video and performance, Aires shows an open and provocative art, full of restlessness and skepticism. He plunges us in an upset and disputable reality, where regular myths lose their sense; history takes new nature and truth gives space to half lies. Carlos Aires works with association of ideas and stereotypes to disturb the perception and displace the received ideas. Fake and authentic, real and virtual: these dichotomies always run through Carlos Aires investigating of perception in his whole work. The unity of his work is defined in the right moment where these dichotomies are conciliated.

Carlos Aires, El jardín de las delicias, 2009, 50 € bills laser cut-out