Guillermo Mora


presented by FORMATOCOMODO

Born 1980 in Spain

Lives and works in Madrid, Spain

My work starts from the idea of a world in continuous transformation, a world in which many things get transformed and recycled incessantly. Inside this scenario, objects are constantly changing, and it is here where I understand the work of art as a creation that can be constantly reinvented.

I create my work through the use of paints as the principal medium. Even though it has a tradition, I do not comprehend this medium as a pure and established language. My work is “contaminated” by many other fields away from the pictorial discipline. It is in this process where the addition of objects transforms the piece from a bi-dimensional plane into a three-dimensional form, taking me to explore new fields like sculpture and installation.

Guillermo Mora, DAN-DAN-DAN, 2010, lacquer on frame