Jasper Krabbé


presented by Galerie van der Mieden

Born 1970 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jasper Krabbé studied painting at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and the Cooper Union in New York. He graduaded cum laude in 1992 wih a series of self portraits. The recent work of Jasper Krabbé reflects memories of places, events and persons. Not as clear images, but in a way memories usually appear: disrupted by other images, incomplete, without logic and never unambiguous. Jaspers process of painting is not lineair towards a certain end; it’s rather a sublimation of recollected images. In his works on paper he often uses materials he finds along his way: envelopes, wrapping paper, pages out of books and encyclopedias. He mingles the original function and meaning of the material with his own personal images. Themes such as dreams and loneliness, but also poetry, function as point of departure.

Jasper Krabbé, Interior, 2005, oil on canvas, 275 x 400 cm