Johannes Gees

VOLTA Artist Project No.8

JOHANNES GEES | Zurich, Switzerland

Amidst shiny luxury cars there stands a carriage out of a different world. In the public space of neat Swiss cities the cumbersome frame of an old car irritates residents and passers-by.  Final Fantasy appears in parking spaces of bustling city centers all over Switzerland, a found object and an artwork; a roadworthy means of transportation and a vision of the last car that runs on gasoline at the same time.

Johannes Gees, an artist whose installations and events in the public sphere have caused quite some stirs over the past few years, is now showing his latest work in several cities all over Switzerland. For one or two weeks at a time, the objet trouvé Final Fantasy finds its way back from the museum space into the streets. Final Fantasy is a Citroën Dyane of 1978 that a Roma family from Belgrade reduced with hammer and caliper, and that was used to collect old cardboard and iron all across the city. The metal autobody was replaced with a wooden loading space, the cylinder block was laid bare and now looks like intestines torn open, and the driver seat is made up of a stump. Johannes Gees bought the car in this modified, but roadworthy state from the owner and had it shipped it to Switzerland, where it was shown for a first time as a readymade in the exhibition Moral Fantasies (2008) at Kunstmuseum Thurgau.

Johannes Geer, Final Fantasy, Car, 2009