VOLTA Artist Project No.7

TEMPORARY ART BEAUTY SERVICES by Renata Espinosa | Brooklyn, USA

presented by Cassie Thornton and Maya Erdelyi-Perez

“Marvelous is always beautiful, everything marvelous is beautiful, there is even only the marvelous that is beautiful.” —  Andre Breton

With Breton’s surrealist musings on the marvelous and the beautiful as their unofficial mantra, Cassie Thornton and Maya Erdelyi-Perez founded Temporary Art Beauty Services (T.A.B.S.) as a mobile theatre of beauty-education-as-fine-art through the administration of manicures, temporary tattoo art and custom-written automatic poetry based on imagery culled from their portable library of art history books.

Using a suggested donation and/or barter payment structure, T.A.B.S. explores alternative economic models for services typically administered in a commercial sphere, re-inventing both the art and beauty experience by creating unexpected works through the mobile beauty salon. Like beauty therapists, Thornton and Erdelyi-Perez transform a routine beauty experience into an excuse for intimate conversation and simultaneous art historical education. By interrupting such public spaces as the gallery, the museum and the street, T.A.B.S. creates pop-up schools and salon that broaden the reach of the art arena through personalized consultations.

Site-specific performances in 2009 include Trust Art Benefit at the Norwood Club in Manhattan, The Working Relationship @ Cornell University, Nada Art Fair Recession Runway Show, HP Garcia Gallery, Secret Project Robot to benefit the Serenissima project, the MoMA cafe and Brooklyn Museum.   Thornton and Erdelyi-Perez also operate by request via their Web site temporaryartbeautyservices.biz.