Artist T-Shirt Edition

Imperfect Articles

Chicago, USA

Imperfect Articles has - for the past five years--supported emerging artists by creating limited edition T-shirts with their original artwork, exposing the artist to a wider audience.

Merging a clothing brand and site-less gallery, Imperfect Articles takes an experimental approach to curatorial practice with limited-edition, hand-dyed and hand screen-printed t-shirts.  Imperfect Articles challenges the relationship between image, audience and "exhibition" space with a new model of distribution that highlights work by emerging (and more established) artists, conflating concepts of fine art, design and fashion.

Each shirt is an original, one-of-a-kind, numbered edition; shirts are extremely small pressings of 30, 40 or 50 shirts.  A successful fusion between affordable art, artist support network and a mass-market product, Imperfect Articles will present designs by following the artists at VOLTA this year:

Joshua Abelow
Troels Carlsen
Matthew Feyld
David Godbold
Eri Itoi
Rashid Johnson
Atsushi Kaga
Pesce Khete
Jeff Ladouceur
Rachel Niffenegger
Ian Pedigo
Clare Rojas
Sterling Ruby
Claire Sherman
Sara Varon

Atushi Kaga, T-Shirt