Born 1975 in Brooklyn, NY

Lyons Wier Gallery is proud to premiere a new series by Fahamu Pecou entitled “Black Presidential”. Pecou’s latest body of work features painting, video and performances that explore the phenomenon of contemporary propaganda and brand building as well as the cultural context of media and promotion and its disconnection and relevance to fine art. Additionally, the artist seeks to expose the stereotypes that surround black masculinity as reflected in contemporary media.

Pecou’s images take their cues from American culture and the nation’s obsession with President Obama and his wife Michelle. Much has been made of the notion that the Obamas have redefined and reshaped the image of black Americans. In his painting series, Pecou’s alter ego ‘Fahamu Pecou is the Shit’ takes on the role of the Black president and challenges the associations made with the Obamas as well as the stereotypes which have evolved around Black Americans in popular culture today.

Fahamu Pecou, “The Code”, Acrylic and oil stick on canvas, 66 x 49.5 inches, 2009.