Born 1973 in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, Germany

Lives and works between Berlin and Dresden, Germany


1998-2004 BfA of sculpure at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden (HfBK)

2003 École Des Beaux Arts Paris (with Prof. Giuseppe Penone)

2004-2005 MfA studies UC San Diego, USA (DAAD-Scholarship)

2005-2006 MfA at the HfBK Dresden (with Prof. Martin Honert)

Susanne Starke’s sculptures refer to images from art history – by transforming parts of these images into three-dimensional material, thus making them real, she poses the question of whether image or even art depicts reality, or if these are merely constructions that through their assertion become authoritative perceptions of the world.

Susanne Starke, Baum, 2007, Acrylic resin, acrylic color, 240 x 90 x 100 cm