Born 1971 in Bandung, Java in Indonesia

1991 - 1994 Academy of Fine Arts, Bandung. Guest student at UdK Berlin

Lives and works in Berlin

Yudi Noor has been living and working in Berlin for the last 7 years. His work can be seen as a reaction to the themes and tendencies of our society, as he reflects on questions of spirituality, belief, ritual ceremonies and their contexts within different cultures and modes of living.In minimalistic, often symbolic style the artist's collages, sculptures and installations bring contemporary and historical aspects from politics, culture, fashion, music and religion, all with a global perspective, into a clearly composed aesthetic score.

Yudi Noor, From Zero back to Zero, 2007, adhesive tape on wood, neon tubes, cable, door frame, stone , 330 x 400 x 400 cm