Born 1977 in Vejle, Denmark

Staging of nature is a major focal point of Lars Worm. His installations are often constructions of natural branches and manufactured wood painted in strong neon colours making reflections on the wall.

There is always a duplicity in Worm’s works seeking towards an origin of nature, while at the same time exercising an exaggerated artificiality by means of neon colours and spray paint. This kitsch appropriation of nature stages a discussion of what is natural and how “natural” is defined. Is our conception of nature really defined by a romantic or ideal notion without any relation to the actual nature that surrounds us? – Or should we rather see nature as a cruel enemy that is counterattacking humanity after centuries of exploitation?

Worm’s humours ways of presenting a serious question seems to bring nature closer, and at the same time keeping it at a proper distance.

Lars Worm, Neon Forest, Acrylic on plywood and branches in artist made frame, 89x95,5x5,5 cm, 2007