art agents gallery was founded in Hamburg in 2000 by Julia Sökeland and Nasim Weiler. The gallery is established as a space where a lively dialogue about contemporary art occurs. The first years were characterized by theme-related projects and group shows. Following the move to the Phoenixwerke in Hamburg-Harburg in 2004, the program has shifted towards solo shows of the artist of the gallery and the presentation of the Estate of Anna Oppermann.

For the Volta outdoor/ sculpture project we have selected a site specific sculpture next to the bar by the American artist Eric Eley and a video-container at the river side.

Eric Eley’s sculpture is a crisp line in space that, at a distance, resembles a chart or graph on its broad sides and is meandering and fluid in profile.

The line defines space in a way that is simultaneously organic and mathematical, shifting with perspective, creating a space of ambiguous clarity amongst the organized chaos of an industrial landscape. The video-container presents an interactive video programm of innovative young video art, with a focus on the latest video works by artists of the gallery.

art agents gallery

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Fabrikhallen Phoenix

D- 21073 Hamburg


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Contact Names: Julia Sökeland, Nasim Weiler