Leo Koenig opened his gallery in 1999 when Mr. Koenig was only 21 years old. For over 7 years, Leo Koenig Inc. has been presenting a mix of exciting solo exhibitions, along with curated exhibitions often suggesting an unusual historical lineage. In addition, the gallery’s exhibitions are anchored by a well-learned tradition of publication by way of unique catalogues. With a focus on painting and sculpture, Leo Koenig Inc.’s current roster includes some of the most internationally renowned emerging and mid-career contemporary artists.

Leo Koenig Inc.

545 West 23rd Street

New York, NY, 10011

T: +1 212-334-9255

F: +1 212-334-9304

info@remove.me @leokoenig.com


Contact Names:

Elisabeth Balogh -Director-

Kai Heinze

List of represented artists:

Aidas Bareikis, Norbert Bisky, Greg Bogin, Nicole Eisenman, Justin Faunce, Gelitin, Torben Giehler, Brandon Lattu, Marcin Maciejowski, Tony Matelli, Bjarne Melgaard, Frank Nitsche, A.R. Penck, Les Rogers, Alexis Rockman, Tom Sandford, David Scher, Christian Schumann and Kelli Williams