The KUTTNER SIEBERT Gallery was founded in 2003 by Tobias Kuttner and Mathias Siebert. First and foremost, the gallery is a platform for young artistic positions. Many of the represented artists who have been with us since the beginning have in the meantime been able to assert themselves on the international art market and have presented their works in exhibitions worldwide. Particularly for the younger artists, the first couple of years of co-operation is a common development with the gallery. An intensive co-operation is decisive for the development of a young position: the mentoring of the work process, the encouragement of personal space and the carefully prepared positioning in the art world, particularly in collaboration with other galleries too. The gallery does not pursue a keynote direction of only one artistic medium. The artists connected to the gallery works in sculpture, painting, photography, video and installation.


Rosa Luxemburg Strasse 16

D-10178 Berlin


T: +49-30-2804 2290

F: +49-30-2804 2291

Contact Names:

Tobias Kuttner

Mathias Siebert