Galeria Leme emerged in the Brazilian art scene in the end of 2004 as a laboratory of experiments in contemporary art, acting nationally and internationally. Designed entirely in bare concrete by the 2006 Prikzel Prize awarded architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Galeria Leme sports 150m2 of exhibition space, a skylight 9m high, idealized to house large scale and any kind of work or media.

Amongst its innovations, an ongoing program of art residencies, promoting exchange between different countries and cultures and for this specific purpose the gallery opened a 120 m2 studio were the audience can see works in progress or smaller shows. The gallery understands that Brazil is a rich source of diversity, which can inspire the artists in their production. Since its opening Leme had commissioned videos, photos and several works that are now in museums, private and public collections and were displayed in important shows in the world.

Galeria Leme

Rua Agostinho Cantu, 88

Butanta - Sao Paulo / SP, Brazil

Tel. +5511 3814-8184

Fax. +5511 3812-2875

mob.+5511 8378-4307


Eduardo Leme - Director

Cristina Haapalainen - Office Manager

Installation Shot of The Gallery, Artist: Sandra Gamarra exhibition view at Galeria Leme on November, 2006.