A GENTIL CARIOCA opened on September, 6th, 2003 and is directed by three artists: Márcio Botner, Laura Lima and Ernesto Neto. It’s location is the Historical Center of downtown Rio de Janeiro. More specifically in the region called Saara, a place known for being the largest out-doors market in Latin America, founded last century by arab and jewish descendants and immigrants. All around it, one can find every sort of Fashion Jewelry, spices, etc fundamental attractive for many artists and general public. It’s there, above one of these stores that A Gentil presents itself.

A Gentil was conceived already in a melting pot in order to captivate and difuse the Art diversity, for Brasil and for the world. It believes each work of Art to be a cultural particle with enough potency to irradiate culture and education. In the same way history can be thought, forged, documented and changed, A Gentil is a place where artistic or political contexts can be revitalized. Its physical formal address takes the place of concentration and voice broadcasting for different artists and thoughts


Rua Gonçalves Lêdo, 17

Sobrado, Centro

Rio de Janeiro, 20060020


T: + 55 21 22221651

M: + 55 21 97093763

correio@remove.me @agentilcarioca.com.br



Contact Name:

Márcio Botner