Founded in 1992 as Voges + Deisen Gallery and since 2002 continued as Voges + Partner Gallery this enterprise is focused on the long term collaboration with artists of our own generation and the search for inventio vs. imitatio. Artists like Manfred Peckl, Winter/Hörbelt, Martin Liebscher, Tim White-Sobieski or Yuken Teruya among others have been shown at first or very early in their career. New collaborations with Johan Grimonprez, Bethsabee Romero, Marilyn Minter and Felix Gmelin taking the gallery profile to yet another level towards further international acknowledgement.

Voges + Partner Galerie

Schweizer Strasse 9

D-60594 Frankfurt am Main

T: +49 69 55 74 54

F: +49 69 55 10 28

Tuesday-Friday 11 am - 6 pm | Saturday 11 am - 4 pm


Ulrich Voges

Katharina Siegmann

Julia Schleis

Marilyn Minter, The Coral Ridge Tower Series, 1969/95, Exhibition View at Voges + Partner Gallery 2005